Drag & Drop Transfer

StoAmigo makes transferring files between devices a breeze. No cables or thumb drives. Just drag and drop folders across devices – no matter what and where they are. Freely move files to and from your work and home computers. Clear up valuable phone memory by sending the pictures and videos you take straight to your desktop.

Move Anything

No arbitrary size limits. Add entire hard drives into your ecosystem – letting you manage where you put your files with complete flexibility. Backup large files, folders, and even whole devices with ease. Copy your phone or laptop content directly onto your desktop – for convenient access and added security.

Sync Your Workflow

Collaboration is easier than ever with StoAmigo’s powerful sharing features. Add different work computers onto a single shared file network. Work together on joint files (no matter the size) in real-time. Send large project files quickly to partners around the world as easily as to co-workers in the same office.

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