StoAmigo’s architecture reaches beyond the cloud.

At StoAmigo, our goal is to make your lives easier by making your data accessible anywhere.

Let’s face it, storing your data locally is cheap, but accessing it once you put it on the USB hard drive that you have sitting in a drawer at home is hard when you’re not there.

With StoAmigo, you can now transform almost any device into a personal cloud server where you can share with family and friends, stream to any device you choose, and easily transfer your files between your connected devices using our desktop and portable device apps.

How does StoAmigo make all of that possible?

At StoAmigo, we’ve developed an ecosystem that binds the storage of your computing devices together, creating a unified personal cloud storage solution.

With StoAmigo powerful platform approach, you simply connect your device to your StoAmigo account and you’re good to go.

All of the sudden, that desktop that you weren’t using much is your cloud server.

Plus, with StoAmigo, you have powerful cloud features that provide the privacy and security you deserve.

Why should I use StoAmigo?

StoAmigo allows you to share what you want with whomever you want, stream your content from your devices without using storage on your phone, or transfer files easily between devices.

All of that and your data is never stored on a cloud server unless you want it to be.

With StoAmigo, you have complete control of your data, yet you still have the freedom to access it via the internet.

What do you get when you sign up for a StoAmigo account?

Most importantly, you gain the ability to control and access your data on your devices, but we also give you 2 GB of free StoAmigo online storage so you get the full StoAmigo experience.

How is StoAmigo different?

With StoAmigo, you can share files privately, include custom messages to different contacts accessing the same shared file or folder, control whether the file is downloadable, and control the amount of time that the shared content is available with the Time-2-Live feature. All sharing permissions are quickly and easily revocable.

Your files never exist on a remote server, so no more worrying about what cloud providers are doing with all of your data. And you can always disconnect your device and the cloud will be none the wiser.