Turn Your PC, Mac or Android Device into your Personal Cloud Device.

StoAmigo’s Desktop Tack App lets you transform your PC, Mac, or Android device into your personal cloud device by tacking your files to make them available from anywhere.

Any compatible device is sufficient, you can make your personal cloud device out of an infrequently used computer.

Just download the Tack App and create an account to get started.

Once Tack App is installed, you can easily access any of your “tacked” content right from anywhere by using your StoAmigo account or a StoAmigo app.

Your files stay on your personal cloud storage device and are not uploaded or synced to a remote server in the cloud.

Local drives and folders are now cloud accessible; you are no longer required to physically put your data on a cloud server.

You now have the power to keep your private files private, while still enjoying the benefits of the cloud.

Share, stream, and transfer files directly from your personal cloud storage device to anywhere in the world and on any connected device.

Tack App makes creating hosting a personal cloud storage device easy.

Tacking features and functions.

By default, the StoAmigo Desktop Tack App makes the content a predetermined file folder cloud accessible.

One available option lets you effortlessly change the location you want to tack.

You can use our File Mirror feature to share files when your device is off-line. StoAmigo will temporarily place a copy of the shared file on your available online storage.

To take your files off of the cloud, you simply click on “Stop Tack” from the Tack App menu and the tacked drive/folder will no longer appear your StoAmigo account page.

It’s that simple.

And the best part is…

Tack App is free!

Enjoy limitless cloud storage and powerful digital content management tools without paying a single cent when you host your own personal cloud with StoAmigo.

Just download Tack App now to transform a computer into your personal cloud storage device and get started!