We appreciate your interest in using our logo(s) in your materials. Please consult the following branding guidelines for your projects and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. Files presented here are downloadable.

What StoAmigo logos are available for use?

StoAmigo has 2 primary logos available for use:

The StoAmigo logo is used in reference to:

1. The name of the company
2. The name of our cloud software platform

Ratio = 15:4 (ex.: 300 x 80)

The StoAmigo CloudLocker logo is used in reference to the CloudLocker personal cloud device.

Ratio = 15:4 (ex.: 300 x 80)

The StoAmigo ThumbLocker logo is used in reference to the ThumbLocker USB memory stick.

Ratio = 15:4 (ex.: 300 x 80)

What are the acceptable colors for the StoAmigo logos?

Both StoAmigo and StoAmigo CloudLocker can be used in the following ways. The standard logos are our preferred formats for use:


The following logos may be used if your project’s background is not compatible with our preferred formats:

Thanks for the colors. What are the exact shades?

Use the following values to ensure you have the correct color shades for our logos:

What about icons for StoAmigo software and applications?

When referring to the StoAmigo applications – use the following icon:

When referring to the StoAmigo Tack App – use the following icon:

When referring to the StoAmigo Token App – use the following icon:

Give us some space

When using our logo or any of our other branding materials, please leave a decent amount of space around them. We won’t offer precise measurements, just ensure there’s no crowding and our items are seen as distinctive and separate from the other elements in use.
Logo should remain in a 15:4 ratio:

Writing the company and product names

It’s easy, really:

StoAmigo: always one word; always capitalize the “S” and the “A
CloudLocker: always one word; always capitalize the “C” in “Cloud” and the “L” in “Locker”
ThumbLocker: always one word; always capitalize the “T” in “Thumb” and the “L” in “Locker”
Tack App: always two words; always capitalize the “T” in “Tack” and the “A” in “App”

StoAmigo Artwork:

We’re flattered that you find our artwork appealing; still, you need our permission to use it.  That includes illustrations, drawings, images and other assets.

When using our brand materials:

It is important that your use of our materials does not suggest or imply StoAmigo is affiliated with, sponsoring or endorsing your product. Please do not make any changes (other than those mentioned above) to the StoAmigo logo or any other StoAmigo materials.

Names, logos, websites or products
Please do not include the StoAmigo logo on materials as part of or instead of your own. Also, don’t combine the StoAmigo name with the name(s) of your service, company, product, trade or website. Lastly, please avoid creating any domain names that include “StoAmigo” or any combination of words or letters close enough to cause confusion.

Sales, advertising or promotional materials
Please contact us directly before using any StoAmigo materials for sales, advertising or promotions of any kind, including adding our logo to your website or any other collateral.

Instruction, education and training
We welcome the use of our materials for instructional, educational and training purposes, as long as the use doesn’t cause confusion or suggest a StoAmigo sponsorship or an endorsement.
Please remember to include a disclaimer on all printed materials that makes this clear. For example, “(Name) is neither affiliated with or in any way sponsored by StoAmigo, LLC.”

Linking to StoAmigo
You are welcome to use the StoAmigo logo to link to our website if you use our products. Please make sure you follow all related guidelines as listed.

Sample uses:
1. Stay in control…with StoAmigo. [linked logo or link near logo]

2. Enjoy this video! [powered by StoAmigo technology]


Third parties are not allowed to create, sell or give away any items that have our name or logo on them.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Contact us at info@stoamigo.com and we’ll be happy to help. Please send a mockup of the way you intend to use our materials; that way we can give you a more precise answer. The time frame for a response varies, depending on request volume.

It is important that you wait for an answer to your question before proceeding with your plans. Silence on our part does not equal consent to go forward with your project.


If you use StoAmigo brand materials you are hereby agreeing to the StoAmigo Terms of Service, all StoAmigo rules and policies and these StoAmigo branding guidelines, which may be updated on occasion. You also acknowledge that StoAmigo is the sole owner of StoAmigo trademarks, acknowledge that any goodwill derived from their use accrues only to StoAmigo and promise not to interfere with StoAmigo’s rights in them. Please be aware that StoAmigo reserves the right to review, modify or terminate use of the branding materials at any time.