StoAmigo manages access to the digital content stored on your personal devices or StoAmigo devices. In order to use StoAmigo, users are required to create an account and to access the StoAmigo ecosystem. This is the first step in the security path. By requiring account authorization, StoAmigo can ensure that you are the only person that can access your content.

When you run StoAmigo software on your PC, Mac, or Android device, you are required to authenticate your ownership and access rights to your digital content through StoAmigo. The image below illustrates the path in which communications occur when using the StoAmigo Tack App on your computer. First, you will launch StoAmigo Tack App on your computer. Then Tack App will ask you to sign in. This process is conducted using an HTTPS connection (TLS) to the StoAmigo ecosystem. StoAmigo will authenticate your access rights to the digital content.

Now that the Tack App is connected to your StoAmigo account, you will not need to repeat the authentication process unless you logout of Tack App. Since the Tack App is connected to your StoAmigo account, all of the files in your tacked drive are now accessible through your StoAmigo account from any computer or smart device. You will be able to access, stream and manage the contents of your tacked drive as if it were local to you.

Security for sharing is also provided through StoAmigo and the Tack App through the use of our unique link addressing schemes. Each link created through the system is given a unique identifier, using a “predictability resistant” scheme, which deters prediction-type software from “guessing” at additional links. Each link is unique, and no two links are given the same identifier. Links created through the system show the domain name as a public server and not as a private device. This offers further protection to users sharing links through the Tack App. This system also ensures that when you share a file or folder with a recipient that they will only be able to access the shared content and not be able to access the rest of the contents of your computer.

A typical link would look similar to this:

Any link that has been created using the Tack App and/or StoAmigo can be deleted permanently at any time by the user. Deleting a link will result in a message to the recipient that the URL is incorrect and/or the item is no longer available. Should the user decide to make the same content be once again linked for sharing, the new link will be unique and will not utilize the previous link properties, addressing or numbering scheme. Again, no two links are alike.

It’s important to note that Tack App does not upload your files to the cloud. While using the Tack App in conjunction with your StoAmigo account, you will notice immediately that your tacked drive is only available while the device hosting the tacked drive is powered up, online and has the Tack App running. This privacy measure was implemented to make it easy for users to immediately remove their tacked drive from visibility by simply turning off their device, or quitting the Tack App. Any files shared using Tack App will become instantly unavailable to your share recipients if your device is offline.

Tack App is a safe and powerful tool that will give you expanded storage and sharing capabilities and the StoAmigo ecosystem gives you the ability to unify all your storage devicess under a single, easy-to-use interface. Above all else, though, StoAmigo works hard to protect your data, your identity, and your right to own and control your data.