Lock It Down

Enjoy total peace of mind when you store and send files with StoAmigo. Bank-level encryption protocols combined with intensive security audits guarantee the highest level of data protection. Perfect for storing and delivering sensitive financial documents, legal contracts, or health records. Selective cloud storage means you choose what gets uploaded and what stays exclusively on your machines.

Share With Confidence

Get your file to where and whom you need it to go. With StoAmigo you get all the tools necessary to safeguard your privacy. Set expiration dates for content you share with time-limited links. Choose which files recipients can download – even after you share them. 2-Factor Authentication guarantees surgical delivery accuracy.

Your Files. Your Business.

Unlike other services, you have complete control over where your data goes and who has access to it. Choose what goes into your included 2 GB cloud storage and what doesn’t. Uploaded files in StoAmigo are never viewed, sold, mined for advertising data, or used in any way whatsoever by anyone but you – which is the way it should be.

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