Who's it for?

  • Sales People

  • CPAs

  • Office Professionals

  • Directors, Managers, and Executives

  • Freelancers

  • Small and Private Businesses

  • Education Professionals

  • Real Estate Professionals

Anything From Anywhere

Business professionals need instant access to their important files at all times, but that doesn’t mean you want to duplicate all your important files on all of your devices. StoAmigo enables you to access your original files directly from their storage location, and we do it all without the hassle of a cloud upload.

StoAmigo’s unique device unification software lets you access any file you need on any device you control, whenever and wherever you need it.  Time is too valuable to waste managing multiple copies.

Upload-Free Sharing & Transfer

StoAmigo puts you in control of all of your files, regardless of the device you’ve stored them on.  Instantly access any of your files from any of your devices with a single, easy-to-use interface.  No need to put all your critical data in a single location or spend hours uploading it to a public cloud server.  StoAmigo’s unification tools let you easily manage your files without ever moving them from their host device.

Bring Your Content With You

Your business takes you where it takes you. You need to have the flexibility of content access and management that meets the needs of your “anywhere” work week.  StoAmigo makes management across your entire file library simple.  Don’t worry about moving a file from your tablet to your laptop.  StoAmigo lets you access all your files regardless of where you’ve stored them.

Try StoAmigo and see how easy it is to unify your business life.

Features For Professionals


Store locally, access globally


Share your files, even the big ones, simply and safely


Hybrid solution with both cloud and local device storage


Unify the storage across all your devices


2-Factor Authentication protects files you transfer


Notifications let you know when your file share is accessed