Every StoAmigo customer starts out with the free plan which gives you 2 GB of online storage, allows you to tack up to 3 devices, and allows you to share files right from your computer.

If you need to tack more devices or if you want to take advantage of the advanced features that StoAmigo has to offer, you can choose from the plans below to suit your needs. You can upgrade directly from the StoAmigo desktop app on your PC or Mac.


FREE Start Sharing for Free!
  • Login to Unlimited Devices
  • 3 Tacked Devices Simultaneously
  • 2 GB Online Storage
  • Right Click Share
  • Permission Based Sharing
  • Share Unlimited File Size
  • 2-Factor Protection
  • Remote Start Stop
  • Up to 25 Contacts


$5 Monthly or $50 Yearly
  • All of StoGo Plus
  • Tack Up To 10 Devices Simultaneously
  • Additional 20 GB Online Storage
  • Right Click Backup
  • Desktop App Lock
  • Change Tacked Folder (Inc. Entire Hard Drive)
  • Assign Storages
  • Multiple Tacked Folders
  • Virtual Drive Coming Soon!
  • Dropbox Access
  • Google Drive Access
  • Secure Share with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Up to 100 Contacts

You can also get additional online storage for your StoAmigo account. We’ve provided a variety of options for you to suit your needs. Sign in to your StoAmigo account to add more online storage space.