Who's it for?

  • Lawyers

  • Paralegals

  • Law Clerks

  • Private Investigators

  • Judges

  • City and State Officials

  • Court Recorders

  • Subject Matter Experts

Full Access, Complete Control

We understand. Your files are the lifeblood of your profession.  Let StoAmigo show you how to easily and efficiently manage them in a secure environment that is under your complete control.

Keep your private content on your personal devices, avoiding the potential security risks associated with public servers, but still access it remotely like you would with a cloud service.

With StoAmigo, you choose the what, where, and how.

Maintain Ownership

StoAmigo lets you securely share and transfer your important videos, documents, and other content. Manage how your recipients interact with your files with a level of unprecedented flexibility. No more hitting the “send” button on an email and “giving away” your content.  StoAmigo’s powerful toolset lets you decide who can download what file and when – even after you’ve already shared it.

True control over your data. That’s StoAmigo.

Keep Information Privileged

In a world plagued by constant data breaches, legal professionals are seeking ways to eliminate the risks of the public cloud. StoAmigo gives you the tools to store your important documents on your own devices, without sacrificing the virtues of instant access and anywhere-availability.  By letting you unify the storage of all your devices, StoAmigo makes your files available quickly and easily, regardless of where they’re hosted.

Take the risk out of file management with StoAmigo.

Features For Legal


Store your files locally, access them globally across your devices.


Create your own secure private cloud quickly and easily


Unify the storage across all your devices, everywhere


Notifications let you know when your file share is accessed


Patented 2-Factor Authentication protects your files


Move your files across devices from anywhere