StoAmigo Adapts To You

It’s all about choice. No forced online ecosystems. Store as little (or as much) as you’d like, where you’d like. Mix and match files between different services – and get total access to all of them from a single interface. StoAmigo integrates with other popular services to deliver total flexibility in how you customize your content usage.

Seamless Integration With Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive effortlessly slot into the StoAmigo experience. Drag and drop files, send them without uploading, and more. Integration means your Dropbox/Google Drive folder is treated just like any other folder by StoAmigo – and is as easy to manage. It means no more app juggling to manage different services. Control ALL your cloud storage and offline content at the same time – and from a single device.

Unify Your Access

StoAmigo’s integration with Dropbox and Google Drive means your entire storage ecosystem is available to you at any time – cloud storage included. Choose where your files go and how they are stored. Maintain absolute data security by keeping sensitive files off servers while maintaining the convenience of anywhere-availability. Access, manage, and utilize StoAmigo, Google Drive, and Dropbox together to really control your content the way you want to.

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