Who's it for?

  • Doctors

  • Chiropractors

  • Dentists

  • Healthcare Administration Professionals

  • Insurance Providers

  • Claims Processors

  • Medical Billing

  • Hospital and Medical Office Personnel

HIPAA Compliant Sending

Document security and patient record privacy is not only essential – it’s the law.  It is vital that you maintain control of private information when it’s in your hands, but it’s equally important to ensure safe and secure transfer of files when sending them to other healthcare associates and professionals.

StoAmigo gives you the power to create your own cloud, putting your file management under your complete control.  And you won’t need a doctorate to figure out how to use it – our intuitive interface practically does all the work for you.

Bring Your Files Together

StoAmigo unifies the storage across your personal and professional devices, giving you complete control over your medical and healthcare records and negating the need to upload to the cloud. Unification means the end of copies you don’t need – and ensures there are no sensitive files floating around a public server.

Stay in control of your private documentation, but gain the ability to access, manage, and transfer your documents from any connected device, anywhere.

Secure Anywhere-Availability

Healthcare documentation management is vital to meeting the needs of your clients, as well as keeping up with local, state, and federal mandates. You should not have to give up ease-of-access and anywhere-availability to stay in control.  StoAmigo gives you the tools to effectively manage your private files with ease and security.

Make your job easier by trying StoAmigo today.

Features For Healthcare


Patented 2-Factor Authentication protects your files


Store protected files locally, access globally


Create your own private cloud quickly and easily


Unification eliminates the need for file syncing


Customize how you share your files with permissions


Move important information across storages