It depends. Because you’re in control, your files are stored where you put them. This is what’s great about StoAmigo. You can store a file on your home computer, a StoAmigo device, a smart phone, an Android TV box or a StoAmigo server and then access them from anywhere.

The basic StoAmigo account is free, so nothing. You can purchase a CloudLocker and additional online storage if you need more space.

Really secure. All of our connections are run via HTTPS using the latest TLS 1.2 security keys to lock everything down (TLS is better than SSL). Plus, when you share a file, you can engage the privacy settings so that only a known StoAmigo contact will be able to access the share. Need more security? You can use our patented 2-Factor Authentication which gives an additional layer of security when you access files through StoAmigo or when you share the files.

You can always use the File Mirror feature, which uses your online storage or CloudLocker to make a file available when your tacked device is offline. Alternatively, you could get an Android TV box and use it to create an always-on cloud device. They are fairly inexpensive, low powered, and have USB ports to allow you to increase your storage space.

iOS is a little harder to develop for because of the controls put in place at the provider and client end of the Apple network. It’s far more difficult to configure our software to conform with Apple policies and license agreements. We are still working on it, but until we’ve created a stable version of the iOS App with the tacking feature, please feel free to use our Tack App for macOS.

For desktops and laptops, StoAmigo’s Tack App will run on MacOS and Windows. We also have mobile apps for iOS and Android. We’re working on a Linux version of Tack App too.

Imagine that the cloud is a corkboard. Now, use a thumb tack to attach your drive to the cloud. Now it’s tacked. It’s that simple.

It really depends on the hardware that you have. Do you have a 1 TB drive available to tack to your StoAmigo account? Then the answer is 1 TB. The more devices that you have to connect, the more your total storage will be. It’s up to you. Of course, you get 2 GB in the cloud for free too.

Turning the computer off severs the connection with StoAmigo, so when you’re your computer is offline StoAmigo can no longer access the tacked files. It’s almost like the files disappear from the cloud completely.

It’s gone. Forever. Which is awesome. That’s why you’re using StoAmigo, right? Who knows what happens to your data once it’s saved on someone else’s hardware. Only data scientists know the answer to that one. If your data was stored on our servers, we keep a backup for 180 days, so you just need to restore your file(s). If it is on one of your drives, you’ll need to look at the machine that the drive is attached to and determine if the file is recoverable.

Sharing is like dating, and assigning is like marriage, there is just a lot more commitment involved. You can share a file or a folder, but you can only assign a folder, and the folder that you are assigning has to be on a StoAmigo device or StoAmigo Cloud Storage. When you assign a folder, you can give someone the ability to delete a file, so be careful who you assign with.

We don’t want to be tracked, so we don’t track you.

Oh no, you broke it. Just kidding, you can always shut down your device as a quick fix, or login to your StoAmigo account and remove the share.

Really? Did we do something wrong? Please contact us first to see if we can work this out. If we can’t work it out, just email us at

If you do delete a file or cancel your account, we keep stuff saved to our online storage accounts for 6 months just to be nice.