Who's it for?

  • Developers

  • Architects

  • Musicians

  • Advertising Professionals

  • Designers

  • Photographers

  • Video Producers

  • Artists

No Size Restrictions

Share great ideas with confidence.  StoAmigo was built with media and creativity in mind and provides a dynamic range of options to send videos, photos, designs, audio files, and other large files – quickly and securely.

We know that sharing your ideas at the right time and in the right way is important.  Sending them quickly shouldn’t have to come at the cost of sending them securely. StoAmigo lets you do both.

Choose How You Share

StoAmigo lets you send large files without upload times and gives you full control over how you share.  Powerful permissions such as time-limited links, download restrictions, and private sharing keeps your portfolio firmly under your control.

StoAmigo gives you access to your entire storage ecosystem directly from your computer without needing to sync anything.  Work on shared documents and access what you need quicker and easier so you can focus on making great creative content.

Access, Transfer, & Send – Without Barriers

No matter the size or type of file, there is never any need to wait for uploads with StoAmigo. Transfer anything to anyone. Send and receive large in-progress work to, and from, your partners immediately. Powerful features like Lists allow you to neatly “tag” every file in a project, no matter where they’re located. That List can then be shared via email or social media. Complete control over how you share your files lets you maintain ownership over anything you create.

Features For Creative Industries

Share better

Share large files, directly from your phone or computer


Access your storages and devices from anywhere


Assigned folders allow you to collaborate with colleagues

Stream media

Send, stream, and access large files without upload times


Move any files across your devices and storages


Utilize time-limited links and 2-Factor Authentication