One Device to Share and Access Your Files, Your Way

The CloudLocker enables you to put your files on your own device and still have everything cloud accessible. Use the cloud without giving up control of your files.

Link Your Files

The StoAmigo CloudLocker is the new center of your digital world. With the CloudLocker, you will have the power to host your own personal cloud.

Anywhere Access

CloudLocker works with StoAmigo enabling you to share, stream, and transfer the content of your CloudLocker to any of your devices, anywhere in the world.

Low Powered Device

CloudLocker is a low powered device that can be left on ensuring that you always have access to your personal cloud.

Limitless Expansion

You store your files on hardware that you control where you can expand your space as needed.

USB and SD Expansion

You can increase your storage by connecting a USB storage device to one of the on board USB ports or insert your SD card into the SD card reader.

Ultimate Control

You can share a file directly from your CloudLocker while controlling who can see the file and whether or not they can share that link or download the file.

Purchase Your CloudLocker Now and Gain Ultimate Control Over Your Files!

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