File sharing is one of the most common activities we do with our smartphones, tablets, and computers. Whether you share pictures with family, music with friends, or documents with colleagues there is no question that file sharing makes up a large portion of your digital life.

While it is common to hear that “sharing is caring”, let’s be honest, you don’t REALLY care about everyone in your life equally. Some people you may trust completely and are willing to share just about anything with, while others…well, let’s just say the less some people know the better.


In real life we are able to distinguish who to trust with how much information. It’s one thing to tell a secret to your sister, when you know she’s a vault, it’s another to tell it to Aunt Gladys who’s known to spill the beans when she…shall we say, has a drink or two.


Unfortunately we don’t often get the same distinguishing ability when it comes to file sharing. A file you share to one person can easily be passed on to many others until it ends up in the hands of someone you really didn’t want to see it end up with. Many relationships have died at the hands of poor file sharing solutions.


We can’t say for certain that StoAmigo will save relationships, but we can say for sure that StoAmigo will allow you to control your file sharing to ensure that only the intended recipients will get to access it.

Unlike many file sharing solutions on the market today StoAmigo allows users to share files and put permission restrictions on them. Recipients can be restricted from downloading files (“view-only”), they can be restricted from forwarding shared files to others, and there can be an expiration date on all shares.


There’s even the ability to retract a share at any time. So if you shared those “special pictures” with someone and you realize what a sleazebag they are, you can always retract the share and the sleazebag will no longer be able to access it.


It’s important to be guarded in the files we share with others. You never want to share more than you want because you just don’t want to deal with the headaches that come with the wrong file ending up in the wrong hands.

Choosing the right file sharing program can be the difference between sharing files confidently or freaking out when you see Aunt Gladys playing on her smartphone with a glass of wine in her hand.