Your Files, Your Way

Control everything that happens to your files. Where they go. How they are stored. Who can access them and who can’t. StoAmigo doesn’t force you into an online file ecosystem like other services. Choose exactly where you put your data and what happens to it.

Flexibility Through Choice

Dynamic storage provides near-limitless options on where and how you store your data. Share files from your own drives without size restrictions. Or put them in your free 2 GB cloud storage. Try CloudLocker if you’re looking for something both convenient and totally secure – your personal cloud storage device.

Setup < 1 Minute

Connect (or “tack”) a folder or drive on any device to your StoAmigo account to access it remotely. Every file in that folder is then immediately accessible through our web-based interface or mobile app; making it easy to view, download, and share files. Connect your movies folder to stream videos to your phone, or your work computer to access documents from home.

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