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Access Files From Anywhere
Your favorite songs, pictures and movies go
where you go.
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StoAmigo Gives You Control

You host and control your files. Not some cloud
server in a distant warehouse. It's your stuff.
You keep it.
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Save your money, save time. No subscriptions,
no renewals, no problem.
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No more email attachment size limits.
Share your largest files quickly and easily.

Unify Your Digital Life

StoAmigo lets you turn any of your devices into a personal cloud

Reach Beyond the Cloud

StoAmigo's ecosystem gives you the power to store, share and stream from anywhere

Discover StoAmigo

A unified storage solution to support public, private and hybrid cloud
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StoAmigo's Ecosystem combines storage unification with digital content control, providing a complete media management solution.

The 5 Elements of the StoAmigo Ecosystem

  • Online Cloud

    StoAmigo provides world class online cloud storage service, giving you anywhere availability to your digital content quickly and easily. Storage is easy to configure and even easier to use. Learn more.
  • CloudLocker Software

    CloudLocker is the cornerstone of the StoAmigo's client side device offering. Available as a stand-alone personal server or (coming soon) as software package, CloudLocker provides the ultimate in personal cloud server solutions. Learn more.
  • CloudLocker Lite Software

    CloudLocker Lite lets LAN device manufactures easily turn Modems, Routers and Set-Top Boxes into fully integrated personal cloud. Learn more.
  • ThumbLocker Software

    Our unique ThumbLocker Software can turn any of your mass storage devices into a personal cloud storage repository. Learn more.
  • Tack App Software

    Tack App lets you link any folder or drive on your PC or Mac directly to your online cloud. No uploads and no hassles. Store, Share and Stream instantly, right from your desktop. Learn more.

Watch how CloudLocker gives you peace of mind in the Cloud

Watch how the Tack App makes digital sharing instant and easy

Watch how the ThumbLocker gives you a cloud you can carry in your own pocket

The Tack App makes sharing our digital lives so much easier!