The Power of Sharing

  • Share without limits.  Any size file or folder, with any number of people
  • Share directly from your computer – no upload and super quick
  • Share from all your devices via messenger, email or social

File size sharing: We don’t like limits, neither should you

Right click sharing right from your computer

All Access Pass

  • Access all your files across multiple devices
  • The only limit on storage is the size of storage on your device
  • Move your files between your devices wirelessly without duplicating

Easily view all of your connected devices

Stream media directly from your connected device.

Your files, your way

  • The best sharing permissions – no-download, no link forwarding and link expiration
  • Host your own cloud so you don’t need to upload to other storage services
  • Our unique Better-than-2-factor-authentication
  • Keep your files safe:  Cut your files off from the cloud by disconnecting your devices with one simple click.  

Permission based sharing. Control who you share with and how you share it.

Easily remove your device from the cloud by simply clicking on “stop tack.”