All your files at your fingertips to share and
access from anywhere at anytime

StoAmigo transcends today’s cloud storage.
In addition to offering online cloud and
on-premise cloud storage devices,
StoAmigo has eliminated the need
to upload files altogether by making
your computer and mobile device
cloud-enabled, allowing you to
instantly access, share, and stream
your files directly from anywhere.

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Turn your computer and mobile device into a cloud server to instantly access your files from anywhere. No uploading required!
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Traditional online cloud storage made remarkable with StoAmigo's unique sharing and streaming features. Get a free 2GB account today!
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A USB drive you can access from the cloud. The world's first cloud device that fits in your pocket!
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A powerful cloud server that fits on your desk. Enjoy the conveniences of the cloud with the security of a personal device.
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Key Features

Unify All your Devices

Your files are located on multiple devices, access them easily from one location with StoAmigo.

Anywhere Availability

The cloud is at your fingertips. Access all your digital content from any smart device anywhere in the world.

Enhanced Security

Using encryption and patent-pending authentication techniques, StoAmigo protects your files and all of the files you share.

No More Uploading

Stop wasting time uploading files to access and share them. StoAmigo instantly makes your files available on the cloud.

Permission Based Sharing

StoAmigo lets you control how recipients access your shared content and when shares expire.

So Much More!

Instantly share large files. Steam media. Remotely transfer files between devices. Learn about these and other StoAmigo features.




icon_testimonial_leftBefore Tack App, I was using WeTransfer to send big files that I cannot email. But now with Tack App I feel more secure because I know where my files are always. With WeTransfer, the file gets uploaded who-knows-where and it worries me. Once it's out there, I have no idea how to take it down if I change my mind. But with Tack App, I am sending my files straight from my computer, without any uploading. And if I change my mind anytime, I can just retract the share. It is so easy and I feel so in control. - Maria Hernandez
icon_testimonial_rightTack App gives me the ability to turn my desktop computer into a cloud storage device and to access my files from anywhere. My computer is always on at my home anyway, so instead of just sitting there and idling it's performing a valuable function. I've enjoyed the benefits of Tack App so much that I'm even starting to move all my files that were on Dropbox back to my computer so I can stop paying the extra storage fees to Dropbox. - Randall Stevenson
icon_testimonial_leftMy job requires me to send sensitive documents to people I work with. Ideally I would prefer to meet people in-person to hand them these documents so I know they won't fall into the wrong hands or got lost by some carriers. I avoid using email and cloud storage services because I know these sensitive documents will be sitting in some storage servers somewhere online and that makes me uncomfortable. Tack App allows me to do an “in-person” delivery in cyberspace. When I need to send a sensitive document, I fire up Tack App, call the person on the other side, tell them to retrieve it, and it gets retrieve securely from my computer. When I'm done, I just terminate the connection so no one can retrieve it anymore. It's better than in-person delivery because I just let my fingers do all the work! - T.J. Sherman
icon_testimonial_rightI run a media service company and produce a lot of videos for my clients. I have been using different cloud services to share my work with my clients but the videos are large in size, they take up a lot of costly cloud storage space and take a very long time to upload, it can be a huge pain. With Tack App, I no longer need to upload to the cloud. If I make any changes to a video I don't have to worry about uploading it again. I just save it on my computer like I always do, and let Tack App take care of the sharing to my clients directly from my computer. It's not often that a piece of technology that promises to save you time actually does it without issues. The Tack App is not only a time saver for me but a life saver. Now I feel like I have more time to do other stuff instead of work. - Rajinder Singh