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CloudLocker is Your Personal Cloud

Centralized file storage. Instant access across
all your devices. Your files, whenever you need them.

Slide background Access Files from Anywhere Your favorite songs, pictures and movies go
where you go, while remaining safely at home.
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Slide background Learn more ... CloudLocker Gives You Control You host and control your files. Not some remote
server in a distant warehouse. It's your stuff.
You keep it.
Slide background Learn more ... CloudLocker Saves You Money Why pay for cloud storage when you can host your own?
Save your money, save time. No subscriptions,
no renewals, no problem.
Slide background Learn more ... CloudLocker: A Better Way to Share Control your media. Protect your online reputation.
Retrieve your posts. Manage your photos.
It's your content. Now, you can secure it.

CloudLocker: Your Private and Secure Personal Cloud Device

Here's an in-depth look at the key factors in choosing between a private cloud or personal cloud device and a public cloud platform.

The CloudLocker Advantage: A Different Type of Personal Cloud Device

CloudLocker is uniquely different from any other device on the market today (including NAS devices). Here's how it can help protect and secure your digital life.

Discover StoAmigo: The Innovative Force Behind CloudLocker

Discover how StoAmigo is at the forefront of cloud innovation and how you can benefit from CloudLocker technology.
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Watch how CloudLocker gives you peace of mind in the Cloud

Why choose a CloudLocker?


    CloudLocker protects your files from prying eyes. Safely post to social media sites without giving up the rights to your data. Or, erase content from the web with just a few clicks.

    CloudLocker features a patent-pending platform with customizable features. You decide who sees your files and the amount of access they'll have. Plus, you can block access to anybody at any time.

    CloudLocker lets you store, share, view, listen and stream your favorite media at home or on the go, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Windows and Mac compatible.
  • SUPPORTED 24/7/365

    "Forever Support" ensures we're here when you need us. Contact us via email, use our handy online contact form or give us a call; no matter your preference, we're here to help.
  • Save on expensive devices and online storage

    Imagine every feature you want in a subscription cloud service and more, rolled into a private and personal device safely tucked away in your home or office. You'll wonder where CloudLocker has been all of your digital life.